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Equi Travel Safe

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Product Details

The Equi Travel Safe.

The Equi Travel Safe helps prevent the horses from rearing/jumping over the breast bar or onto lockers

Designed to make horse transport as relaxed as possible for horse and owner. This effective aid is not only the simplest but one of the most effective solutions.

Thanks to it’s clever design, the horse is free to move, balance and relax.

The Equi Travel Safe really does take the stress out of travel.

One size fits all.

We now have 2 options for the side buckle.

  • Right hand/ Off Side - For when the horse ramp is on the passenger side of your lorry with rear facing travel.
  • Left hand/ Near Side - For when you horse ramp is on the drivers side of your lorry with rear facing travel or herringbone style lorry, where the horses head is facing the passenger side.

It can only be used in boxes with a half breast wall or lockers. Check if your box is suitable here

In stock and ready to ship. We post within two working days. Postage on this item is usually £11.99

Wash in a bucket of soapy water and rinse. Spray mental parts with an oil based lubricant to stop the parts getting stiff.

The Equi Travel Safe requires a track with a double stud tie ring to be fitted to your vehicle by a professional horse box builder. We can supply a Track and Fitting Kit.

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