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Fitting Instructions

How to Fit the Equi Travel Safe Harness to the Horse.

1. Apply the ETS to the horse, making sure the back pad is over the horses wither (from the base of the neck), webbing side up. If the horse is concerned by the pad passing over its head, turn it sideways so just the webbing passes over.


2. Pass the longest Girth Strap around the horses ribcage and through the loop at the end of the Under Chest Strap. 

3. Clip the Girth Straps together by pressing the two parts of the buckle together until they click together. These clip together on the horses right side making it easier for use within the horsebox.


4. Use the adjusters to tighten/loosen the ETS until it fits snug and the buckles are at the point of tension. Use the neck adjusters to raise the ring/clip at the horses chest as high up the horses chest as possible.


5. Make sure the ETS is comfortably tight on the horse. All straps must be at the point of tension other than the Horsebox Strap. 

To remove the ETS, release the horse from the horsebox. Then take the Harness off over the horses head, turning it sideways if the horse is worried about the pad passing over its head. 

How to Attach the Horsebox Clip Strap



Put the looped end through the tie ring




Pass the metal clip through the loop

Equi Travel Safe


Pull the clip until the knot is tight.

Equi Travel Safe
Check the length. it should be a few inches looser than tight, giving the horse freedom to move.

How to Attach/ Unattach the Harnessed Horse in the Horsebox.

  1. Once the Equi Travel Safe has been correctly fitted to the horse and the Horsebox Clip Strap is fitted and the right place and at the correct length. Load the horse into the horsebox.

  2. Clip the metal end of the Horsebox Clip Strap into the buckle at the end of the Harness Clip Strap together until they click together.

  3. Adjust the Horsebox Clip Strap so it's a comfortable length. It shouldn't be longer then 4 inches below the breast bar or too long it's in danger of drooping too low between the horses legs.

  4. To release the horse, unclip this buckle by pressing the red button on the buckle at the horses chest.  

How to Fit the Attachments to Your Lorry.

Use a horsebox professional to fit the track and to verify your horsebox/trailer is strong enough to be used in conjunction with the ETS. 

The track should to be fitted within the horse area, below the the breast bar or onto lockers. Central to the horses chest. 


The track fitting kit comes with 10 bolts, washers and nuts to bolt the track in place to the breast wall (some walls are thicker than others and longer bolt may be needed). Place one end of the track on the floor of the box, screw the End Cap in place at the top end to avoid leaving a shape edge.

Attach the tie ring to the track by pulling back the tab, placing it into the track in the desired position, once in place release the tab and it will lock into place. The height of the tie ring will depend on how big the horse is, we recommend it’s placed around three inches below its pectoral muscles. The Horsebox Clip Strap is adjustable so it doesn’t matter if it isn’t exact. 

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