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Frequently Asked Questions

How does is work?

The Equi Travel Safe simply shouldn't allow them to lift their shoulders high enough to get over the bar or onto lockers.

Does the horse feel restricted?

No, The Equi Travel Safe has been designed so that it will only restrict the horse when it tries to jump or rear.


Will my horse be able to balance its self?

Yes, due to it's clever design, your horses balance is unrestricted.


How strong is the Equi Travel Safe?

Very, It's pressure tested to over 1.5tons.


Which vehicles can I use the Equi Travel Safe in?

Most vehicles with lockers or a solid surface below the breast bar. Visit our Suitable Vehicles page for more details 

Who can fit my Equi Travel Safe Track?

Most horsebox specialists can fit the track for you. We have some listed on our Professional Fitters page

Where can I buy my own Equi Travel Safe?

From our online shop

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